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Avant Browser is an ultra-quick internet browser. Its easy to use interface brings another degree of clearness and proficiency to your perusing experience, and continuous redesigns have consistently improved its unwavering quality. download Avant Browser is freeware. 100% Free! No Ads, No Virus, No Spyware, No Malware! Totally with no shrouded cost to you ever. 

Avant Browser is the most minimal memory utilization internet browser on the Windows stage. Memory utilization is one of the most significant elements to quantify a program’s exhibition. “We strived to keep away from all conceivable memory spills in the product and give you the best.” 

Avant browser Highlights

Highlights and Highlights 

TRI-CORE rendering motor 

  • The Web Crawler has three Rendering Engines worked in: Trident, Gecko and Webkit, the motors behind Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome separately. 


The structure of the browser is user friendly to use. At the point when one tab comes up short, it won’t freeze the web pilot or pull different pages down. The expanding utilization of Ajax Technology in sites causes visit freezing or crashes for most programs. 

Split View 

Split view adds to the device’s performing various tasks usefulness by giving a simple method to see numerous distinctive sites simultaneously. Split view adds another measurement to the application’s adaptable interface design. 

Video Sniffer 

It can identify the recordings on the website page you are perusing, and let you download them with only a single tick.


screen short


download avant browser | technicalword

Avant Browser’s user

Avant Browser’s user -friendly interface provides a new level of clarity and performance to your browsing experience.


MultiProcessing: Multiprocessing capabilities allow you to experience browsing without crashes, stuck PCs and memory leaks, and with a high level of reliability. When one tab is stuck, it will not freeze other tabs and will not freeze the entire browser.

Online Bookmarks: Access saved bookmarks at any time, from the office, from your home or from an Internet cafe without using a computer to lose your data or compromise your privacy and share it with many other users.


Autofill: Did you forget your network password? Avant remembers your password for you. You will be able to fill out web forms with one click using automatic form filling. You can also protect all online files with one main password.

Flash Animation Filters: Are you experiencing a very frustrating web page load? Over 85% of web page flash animations are ads, which typically make up up to 90% of the size of the web page you are browsing. With Avant, you can limit the download of these flash files and significantly improve your browsing speed and experience.

Ads and pop-up blockers: Eliminate unwanted banner ads and pop-up pages with just one click.
Mouse movement: Clicking a link with the middle mouse button opens a new window in the background. This feature is very useful for opening forum posts. Avant includes customizable mouse gestures that facilitate navigation in the browser.

Private Browsing: Avant includes a privacy mode in which your computer does not store any browsing history or data. Therefore, other users have no way of knowing which website or page they visited and what files they downloaded while using their browser.


download avant browser


download avant browser


download avant browser
Please check below to download the software
download avant browser

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