Flash Flood Incident: On October 4, 2023, a flash flood occurred in Sikkim, India, leading to a distressing situation.

23 Army Personnel Missing: The flash flood resulted in 23 Army personnel going missing in the affected area.

Search and Rescue Operation: Authorities have initiated a search and rescue operation to locate the missing Army personnel.

Bad Weather Conditions: Rescue efforts have been hampered by bad weather conditions in the region.

Remote Location: The incident happened in a remote and challenging terrain, making the rescue operation more difficult.

Support from Neighboring States: Nearby states have offered support and assistance in the rescue mission.

Concern for Safety: There is growing concern for the safety and well-being of the missing Army personnel.

Government Monitoring: The government is closely monitoring the situation and providing all necessary resources for the rescue efforts.

Flash Flood Trigger: The flash flood was triggered by heavy rainfall in the region, causing rivers to swell.