The Secret Signings: Chelsea once signed a player in a cloak-and-dagger operation at a London zoo to avoid media attention.

The 'First' Stamford Bridge: The club initially played at a different Stamford Bridge stadium before moving to the iconic one we know today.

Royal Connection: Chelsea's first owner, Gus Mears, wanted to name the club 'Stamford Bridge' FC but changed it after the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) agreed to become its patron.

The Londoners' Londoner: Legendary manager Ted Drake was a Londoner himself, a rare occurrence in Chelsea's history.

Mystery of the Pensioners: Chelsea's original nickname was 'The Pensioners' due to their close proximity to the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

. Blue is the Colour: Chelsea adopted their iconic blue kit in 1905, inspired by the racing colors of Lord Chelsea.

Stamford Bridge Bombing: During World War II, the stadium suffered damage from German bombs, leading to a temporary relocation to White Hart Lane.