Launch in India: Vivo is all set to introduce the V29 and V29 Pro models in the Indian smartphone market. 

Pricing Expectations: The pricing for the Vivo V29 and V29 Pro is highly anticipated, with expectations that they will fall in the mid-range to premium segments. 

Competitive Market: These new Vivo models will enter a competitive market filled with various smartphone options from different brands. 

Key Specifications: Both phones are expected to come with impressive specifications, including powerful processors, high-quality displays, and enhanced camera systems. 

Performance: Vivo is likely to equip these models with capable processors to ensure a smooth and responsive user experience. 

Display Quality: The smartphones are expected to feature high-resolution displays, providing sharp visuals and vibrant colors for multimedia and gaming enthusiasts. 

Camera Capabilities: Vivo is known for its camera technology, and the V29 and V29 Pro are expected to offer advanced camera capabilities for photography enthusiasts.